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I thought it was important already BEFORE to eat organic, but now I think it’s even that much MORE important! According to several recent articles, losing weight means toxins, normally stored in all of our tissues and fat, are released into the bloodstream–toxins, like pesticides from food!
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

Try to stick to at least this chart. I do… I have since my little sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, due to toxins, although we will never know which…
The Dirty Dozen


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I’d heard the term “clean eating” before but little did I know it meant eating the basic fruit, veggies, grain and meat unprocessed. And I read in the same article (which is sent to me daily from livestrong.com) something about that clean eating… very interesting I might add to me since I’ve been trying to increase my veggie/fruit intake… although I pay attention to the “Dirty Dozen” (those with the most pesticides), when it comes to juice, I’m less concerned and really it shouldn’t make a difference…

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any diet, but it’s important to choose those products carefully. According to Healthy Child Healthy World, most fruits and vegetables contain multiple pesticides even though they do not exceed safety allowances for a dose of a single pesticide. According to Daily Green, if consumers get the recommended five servings of fruits and veggies daily from the 15 most contaminated products, they could ingest up to 10 pesticides in a single day. The Daily Green recommends always buying organic celery, peaches, strawberries, apples, blueberries, nectarines, bell peppers, spinach, kale, cherries, potatoes, grapes, leafy greens, carrots, pears and tomatoes to reduce exposure to these chemicals. It is not necessary to buy organic fruits or vegetables that are peeled, such as bananas or mangoes.

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People really eat poorly these days… and that means whether or not they are financially well-off. They just don’t eat anything the body needs to function properly. And cancer is sky-rocketing, and everyone thinks, “oh, it won’t happen to me”–well, I got a reality bite for ya: 1 in 3 will get some kind of cancer in their life according to statistics today.

The United States of America nominates Wendy’s as their Top Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.

This summer we are all going to festivals and mean to celebrate life, good weather, family and friends… but the majority of food at festivals is for allure but let me tell ya, it’s not for eating… this stuff will KILL YOU or at least do damage.

Consider Good Advice and follow a balanced meal and prevent up to a 50% chance of getting cancer. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel, how much more interested you’ll become in nutrition and how much more knowledgeable you’ll become during the process. Live this life. Don’t waste your health.

Salt, too much red meat, smoking, too few vegetables/fruits, being obese, all are contributors to leading an unhealthy diet. Why is it that the majority of people in the United States don’t seem to care anymore? It’s all over the news, the web, and still it’s as if the majority are in denial. Choices on Eating link diet to cancer.

Cancer Research confirms that a healthy diet of a minimum of 5 fruits/vegetables, and balanced meals are the way to go.

Check your Body Mass Index (BMI):
Where do you fall on this grid? What are you gonna’ do about it?

If you already have a good idea of what you need to do to change your life but can’t seem to organize time, food, and activity around your already-busy schedule, I highly recommend the free website at Live Strong. From February through March I dropped over 10 lbs. From March through April I dropped another 10 lbs. It is now August and I am maintaining without difficulty. Hard to believe? It’s lifestyle… it’s like Oprah says… LIFESTYLE! Who do you want to be? Aim for it. Write it down. Share–be held accountable! DO IT ALREADY!!!

I can’t stand watching people shove hotdogs and sausages down their throats every day–do you even know what’s in those?? It’s processed meat… do you know what that means? Read Processed Meat Link to learn more.

Consider Dr. Andrew Weil’s way of living healthfully: mind, spirit & body. Do your best to live by this food pyramid to lead a healthy life:

And Control your Portion Sizes – it makes a difference. Even if I buy a sandwich from Outpost Health Foods I still save 1/2 for dinner and only eat 1/2 for lunch… today Americans order food and EAT whatever they buy for instant gratification instead of for fueling their body with nutrition to function: think clearly, gain energy, and simply live! Look at all the FAT in these foods most Americans eat regularly! Eat to live! Don’t Live to Eat.

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I lost 20 lbs in 3 months from mid-January – April, but have kept the same routine (only switching cardio to and from dance)… although they say if you’re already restricting calories not to restrict further but instead to boost your workouts… according to REAL AGE my strength and workout routines are already optimal. So, feel a little self-defeated because now I feel like my plateau since April (it’s obviously August now) is due to my Hypothyroidism… although I take Levothyroxine daily it does not help with my gaining weight symptoms. I try not to eat too close to bedtime… I drink water majorily… what else do I have to do? Here’s my routine… I feel like if I increase my weights right now having previously had my hip/ankle/knee injury I will injure myself further… so I increase weights slowly. And if I take any more time in my cardio I won’t have a life!!! My problem areas are my upper body and my hamstrings. Unlike many women, I’m not a “pear shape” but am more proportionate… this leaves me a struggle always focusing on my waist and back instead–to show an elongated waist gives me the length I need in my torso, and it’s as difficult to achieve… I also need to work on my shoulders and upper-arms; another problem area. I am able to “maintain” fairly well but to get down those last few labs to hit 158lbs is very frustrating. Evenso, I must admit I enjoy going to the gym. I am able to FOCUS and be “in the now” (or in the present)… and whenever I leave, not only do I feel I’ve done something good for myself, but I have a clearer head for it too.

OUTDOOR CARDIO: 5 days/week
Walk – 20 to 30 min duration 5 days/week
Dance – approx. 1x/weekend for varied time

GYM CARDIO: 3 days/week
Matrix Elliptical – 20 to 30 min duration
Matrix Cycle – 15 to 25 min duration

STRENGTH TRAINING: 3 days/week, 30 min duration
Strength Training Equipment at my club

Leg Press 100 lbs/15-15 reps
Biceps 25 lbs/25-15-10 reps
Triceps 30 lbs./30-15-10 reps
Thighs – Inner: Press 90 lbs/30-20-10 reps – Adduction and Abduction
Thighs – Outer: Push 60 lbs/30-20-10 reps
Back Extension: Press 90 lbs/20-15 reps
Abdominal Crunch: Crunch 60 lbs/30-20-10 reps
Lateral Raise: Raise 10 lbs/15 reps
Chest Press: Press 35 lbs/15 reps x2
Leg Curl: Curl 75 lbs/25-15 reps
Leg Extension: Extend 37 lbs/25-15 reps
Low Row: Pull 45 lbs/15-15 reps

STRETCHING: 3 days/week, 10 – 15 min duration
Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend – Yoga
Big Toe Pose – Yoga
High Lunge
Bound Angle – Yoga
Seated Forward Bend – Yoga

Reverse Ab Crunch: Body Weight/15-15 reps
Regular Crunches: Body Weight/15-15 reps
Hip & Knee Exercises: 2 variations; Pyriformis supine, Hold 8-12 seconds 2x/ea. leg

FOOD: 5 days a week this is what I eat—I allow myself more on weekends… but I need the snacks to keep my blood sugar up

For my height (5’6+1/2″) I need to be at 158 lbs as an optimal weight for my healthy BMI. Currently I teeter-totter between 164 & 171. For the last 4 years I was between 183 – 199. They say once you’ve reached a heavier weight it’s easier to get there next time. –NO KIDDING– But previous to the last 4 years I was majorily between 155 – 165 at my current height and only during a 6 month period otherwise at any other time in my life went up to 185 ever. I know Hypothyroidism here is a setback for me… but imagine if I didn’t excercise!!! And I’ve already tried the “Swan Diet” for me–supposed to be for my body type… I lost weight but I’ve lost and kept it up better simply outputting more activity and intaking fewer calories on my own.

5 days/week:
½ cup raw oats
1 tsp crushed flax
1 tsp whey protein
sm. handful berries
¾ cup vanilla rice milk

Loose-leaf Tea w/ ½ tsp rock cane sugar

Healthy Choice Meal of 210 – 350 calories

2 string cheese (50 cal/ea)
handful of raw carrots

6” sub w/ no mayo what-so-ever
(sometimes w/ Baked Lays)
1-2 cups Homemade soup (never cream-based)
(1 – 2) 1 shot flavored vodka w/ seltzer & lemon wedge

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According to www.realage.com my Biological and “Real” Age are different. I update my test periodically; about 1x/3 mo. My biological age is 33.8. And I’ve been updating my test and been very “real” about answering the questions on their website for years. Above all, it’s helped me to keep track of my vitamin intake, my fitness, medical history and family’s medical history. Apparently they say my “Real Age” is 31.0. Now, that’s good, ‘cause it’s almost 3 years younger than my biological age, but I do know some people who claim to be up to 10 years younger by their “Real Age,” and others claim to be 10 years older.

So, what am I doing right? As you will see, some things are out-of-my-control. Other things are circumstance. Other things yet I have some control over. What could use improvement… well, according to Dr. Oz, here’s a list of what I do well and what I might change:

Making Younger
No breast cancer in immediate family
Taking medications as directed

Staying within speed limit
Not smoking regularly
Driving mid-sized vehicle

Having parents who stayed together

Getting enough Vitamin E
Getting enough Vitamin C
Getting enough Folic Acid
Good breakfast routine
Good Folate intake
Good Potassium intake
Good veggie intake
Good calcium intake
Good cholesterol
Good food diversity
Good fish/Omega 3 intake

Good building strength
Good doing cardio activity
Good building flexibility
Good blood pressure reading
Maintain current heart rate

Making Older
Worrying too much

Floss more than 3x/week

Facing a lot of stress
Not having a dog/pet

Cut back on red meat
Increase grain intake (6-11 servings)

Shed extra weight (current BMI is 27.5)

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