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I thought it was important already BEFORE to eat organic, but now I think it’s even that much MORE important! According to several recent articles, losing weight means toxins, normally stored in all of our tissues and fat, are released into the bloodstream–toxins, like pesticides from food!
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

Try to stick to at least this chart. I do… I have since my little sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, due to toxins, although we will never know which…
The Dirty Dozen


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Throat Cancer… Michael Douglas?
I have to admit, I want him to seriously kick this cancer into oblivion and I know Catherine-Zeta Jones does too… I love her too by the way. They, as a couple, somehow inspire me.

Michael Douglas and others like him… Who else? Cancer… it’s such an evil, evil disease that takes away everything: family, health, happiness, functionality… everything… unless you put up a fight and win. Some do. Not all have been so lucky. I’m proud and thankful and enormously grateful that my sister is still in remission after 3 years from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage IV cancer, but I realize she’s been blessed… I have been therefore also been blessed.

Who do I recall of our celebrities, who have not been so lucky, who made a great impact on me? Those I especially miss:

Pancreatic Cancer… Michael Landon
I grew up watching “Little House on the Prairie” and then some of his series that followed. I’m proud to state that I’ve seen every single episode at least once of the entire “Little House” series, plus read many of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I always felt Michael Landon, especially in his role in “Little House,” was the envisioned father-figure I wanted in my life. I was heart-broken when he passed on. Remembering him, I still am.

Pancreatic Cancer… Patrick Swayze
I was never a fan of his acting, but I’m a fan of his dancing and of the all-famous role he played in “Dirty Dancing.” I followed his battle with cancer and was very sorry to find he lost to it.

I guess I just have one statement left to make…

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People really eat poorly these days… and that means whether or not they are financially well-off. They just don’t eat anything the body needs to function properly. And cancer is sky-rocketing, and everyone thinks, “oh, it won’t happen to me”–well, I got a reality bite for ya: 1 in 3 will get some kind of cancer in their life according to statistics today.

The United States of America nominates Wendy’s as their Top Favorite Fast Food Restaurant.

This summer we are all going to festivals and mean to celebrate life, good weather, family and friends… but the majority of food at festivals is for allure but let me tell ya, it’s not for eating… this stuff will KILL YOU or at least do damage.

Consider Good Advice and follow a balanced meal and prevent up to a 50% chance of getting cancer. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel, how much more interested you’ll become in nutrition and how much more knowledgeable you’ll become during the process. Live this life. Don’t waste your health.

Salt, too much red meat, smoking, too few vegetables/fruits, being obese, all are contributors to leading an unhealthy diet. Why is it that the majority of people in the United States don’t seem to care anymore? It’s all over the news, the web, and still it’s as if the majority are in denial. Choices on Eating link diet to cancer.

Cancer Research confirms that a healthy diet of a minimum of 5 fruits/vegetables, and balanced meals are the way to go.

Check your Body Mass Index (BMI):
Where do you fall on this grid? What are you gonna’ do about it?

If you already have a good idea of what you need to do to change your life but can’t seem to organize time, food, and activity around your already-busy schedule, I highly recommend the free website at Live Strong. From February through March I dropped over 10 lbs. From March through April I dropped another 10 lbs. It is now August and I am maintaining without difficulty. Hard to believe? It’s lifestyle… it’s like Oprah says… LIFESTYLE! Who do you want to be? Aim for it. Write it down. Share–be held accountable! DO IT ALREADY!!!

I can’t stand watching people shove hotdogs and sausages down their throats every day–do you even know what’s in those?? It’s processed meat… do you know what that means? Read Processed Meat Link to learn more.

Consider Dr. Andrew Weil’s way of living healthfully: mind, spirit & body. Do your best to live by this food pyramid to lead a healthy life:

And Control your Portion Sizes – it makes a difference. Even if I buy a sandwich from Outpost Health Foods I still save 1/2 for dinner and only eat 1/2 for lunch… today Americans order food and EAT whatever they buy for instant gratification instead of for fueling their body with nutrition to function: think clearly, gain energy, and simply live! Look at all the FAT in these foods most Americans eat regularly! Eat to live! Don’t Live to Eat.

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Cancer: a class of diseases in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth (division beyond the normal limits), invasion (intrusion on and destruction of adjacent tissues), and sometimes metastasis (spread to other locations in the body via lymph or blood).

NOTE TO READER: In the following true story, names have been altered for privacy purposes

When Dudley and I began dating in early 2006 I was very sick. I was simultaneously in beauty school, had just finished up my divorce, was about to graduate, but for the past several months was getting strep throat bouts and bouts of it… as soon as I’d finish another antibiotic I’d get it again… resistant. I went to doctor to specialist to doctor to specialist. I was very weak, lost a lot of weight, and always had swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my throat. Months went by and I continued to get ill. Swollen-to-the-touch.

I was put on Prednisone, which reduced the swelling but as soon as I was done with it the swelling would return and Prednisone you have to be careful with, but I loved how it made me feel and I hated being without it regardless of the side-effect of sleeplessness it caused… (some aer even on higher doses of Prednisone during cancer treatment, but you can also GET cancer from Prednisone if you use it too much)… anyway, Dudley was there when finally I was told I needed surgery to remove the lymph nodes swollen. Turns out I had a “rare internal STAPH infection” and a benign growth. So weird and gross I normally don’t even bring it up to anyone in conversation no matter the subject. But, it was so good to know Dudley was there. He gave me a little stuffed plush character head of some animal and I held it every time I could. lol… At that time he and I still lived apart.

After surgery I began to feel better… but I’d scared my family a bit. Before I knew it my own sister and clients were feeling their throats for swollen lymph nodes… and that’s when my sister noticed one—also on the right side of her throat, but a little towards the back. She mentioned it to me and to my mother. My mom said she should get it checked out. She waited. Finally, she went to the doctor a few months later and the doctor felt other swollen lymph nodes hidden under her armpits, behind her chestbone… he told her to go to a surgeon and get a biopsy and not let the surgeon talk her out of it. She was curious instantly but sure enough, the surgeon tried to talk her out of it saying it was not necessary… so she waited, but she did not bail out. Meanwhile she too began researching online—a scary thing when it comes to medical conditions, and that’s when “Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” and the worse, “Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” (NHL) appeared. You’d think ‘cause there’s a “non” in the title it’d be less to worry about but it’s just the opposite. It’s in the Leukemia family, usually non-hereditary, and a cancer of the immune & lymph system. She worried about it but doctors didn’t worry her too much so she didn’t put too much weight into her worry.

When I got out of the hospital she had her biopsy. I was living with my folks ‘cause I’d just gone through my divorce and then met Dudley that next year and stayed there while I went through full-time school and worked part-time teaching dance again. So, I meant to call my sister when she got out of her surgery but my mom was on the phone, so instead I went over with Dudley, brought flowers that night – as she had also visited me after I got out of the hospital and surgery just previous. And when I got there I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. Slowly I saw her husband come to the door. He only looked through the window of the door. Finally opened it. Looked down and preoccupied. I asked if my sister were there. I suppose he didn’t know what to say or whether or not to even let me in… he said she was in the bathroom. So, I waited… and, then the door to the bathroom let out a little light and I saw her hobbling out, neck patched up, pulling herself out against the wall… and I walked towards her and (it all comes back to me like the worst nightmare you know when I go through this…) she walked towards me and I saw her face go from exhausted to a look of pure agony. Her daughter, not even a year old yet… she fell into my arms sobbing… and I knew. I knew and I instantly began sobbing and we held each other just crying… our men standing behind us just allowing the wave of desperation and thrill of torture fall over us… she had NHL. That night she told me all she knew. I was the first (other than her husband) to find out due to how things played out that night… but I retained this much: ZERO. Luckily, Dudley was there for it all and reiterated it to me later. I was in complete shock. I recalled NOTHING other than what I’ve mentioned. After that moment it’s a complete blur that night. Apparently my sister already was in Stages 3-4… … but, since I lived with my folks then, that is also the night I never returned. I moved in with Dudley permanently that night. I left a note with my folks and gradually, over time, began to move my things out of their place, into Dudley’s place, and 2 years after that out of storage and into Germantown… and now I’m here.

NOTE TO READER: Dudley and I are not currently longer in a relationship but we are amiable with one another and have been pivotal in each other’s lives.

After my sister was diagnosed with NHL I instantly gave up buying cigarettes for my breaks in beauty school and work at the Aveda salon. I also instantly bought everything organic. Simutaneously, since NHL is a cancer of the immune system due to “toxins” I also stopped walking on lawns and became increasingly paranoid about chemicals… eventually going “Green” with almost everything in the house. I was the one who had to shave my little sister’s head when her hair began falling out and she began to bloat out from chemo… I saw her go from beautiful to bald and puffy, from energetic to exhausted… all the while I worked full-time barely holding my own, client-after-client… and took my sister to chemo when I could, and often sat with her for hours after she passed out from the CHOP. I even sketched her once while I was in the hospital. During those times I was so worried about the stuff going through her blood stream, killing the cancer but also her healthy cells, that I couldn’t eat. Couldn’t drink. Couldn’t function well… emotionally she believes I was worse off than she was.

I hope never to have to go through something like it again, but the 1st experience is down. You never know… cancer is prevalent in our society today. Our family, someone we know may get it. Who will we be to that person? How will we cope? How can we be of help?

…things to think about. …things to contemplate… will we be stuck in our heads and do nothing? Will we change our worlds and relationships by stepping outside our box and actively pursuing to help? Bringing food, rides, babysitting, being available… all helps.

The good thing about my sister, is she had a huge network community, well knit, of bible students and family. Many who hadn’t even seen her in years sent her cards, thoughts, prayers, even food service… she believes the help she received actually healed her as much as the chemo. Today she’s one of a minority of those close to me who had the dreaded C-word, has been cancer free now for 3 years.

I am into “prevention” now and care about all ways to be a healthier person in mind, spirit, and body more than ever. I highly recommend checking in to life, while you have it. Health is a terrible thing to waste.

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“Hyperthyroid. Hypothyroid. What is that? The immune system does what?” I wondered when I was 10.

Soon I’d find out.
Hypothyroidism: A condition in which the production of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland is diminished. Signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism include low metabolic rate, tendency to weight gain, somnolence and sometimes myxedema.
Hyperthyroidism: is a condition in which the thyroid gland makes too
much thyroid hormone. The condition is often referred to as
an “overactive thyroid.”

My mom began to have me tested for being unusually chilled frequently even while wearing several layers and blankets at any time of the day, having unusually dry skin, consistent fatigue… when I was only in middle school. Every time I had a blood test, it would indicate a high count of white blood cells fighting “something”, but the only unusual thing that came up was that I was anemic, so I took iron tablets for a time. Eventually I would be tested for airborne and food allergies and the tests would knock me out cold ’cause I was allergic to everything but otherwise I never had anything else show up…

…until a few years ago. When I was tested an umptieth time for Hypothyroid symptoms and it came up positive. Since then, I have had blood tests regularly every 6 months and continue to increase my Levothyroxide (Synthroid) with doctor’s orders. I hate the stuff and I’ll have to be on it for the rest of my life, but it keeps my blood normal. It doesn’t help keep my weight in check. It doesn’t help me feel my immune system is any stronger, but at least my blood normalizes.

My family has a history of immune dysfunction. I have a had a history of respiratory ailments and swollen throat glands my whole life & been on everything from various antibiotics, to Prednisone to other anti-inflamatory medicine natural, over-the-counter, and prescribed all my life… while my little sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) a few years ago. As you may know, NHL is normally not hereditary, and is considered a “cancer of the immune system/lymph nodes” due to “toxins”… After CHOP chemo she went into remission and still is thankfully, but the day she was diagnosed is the day I began shopping “all organic”… within the next year I’d become a certified Teologist too and health advocate on the benefits of tea (especially white tea)… I also believe in anti-inflamatory eating and incorporating ginger, turmeric, astragalus, acidophilus, and fresh garlic into my diet daily to promote well-being, and to regularly kill bacteria and viruses that may otherwise enter my system, and to boost my immune system. I have done an incredible amount of research on the subject over the last few years, and continue to do so today.

–and so it seemed to me that this should be my first BLOG in the “Integrative Medicine, Prevention & Health Category” because it explains the founding reason and explanation of how it came to be that I eventually met Dr. Andrew Weil (after studying his books and attending a panel seminar of his in Chicago) and why I care to be an online member of Doctor Oz, and also why I’m an Outpost Health Foods Co-Op Member. Many of us take our health for granted until something happens to make us sick or injured, and that’s when some of us get a wake-up call. For me, it was my family’s history of immune deficiencies, for lack of a better way to summarize, and mostly it was Steph’s cancer itself. But, my family also has a history of Diabetes, and although I don’t have it, most of my dad’s side does or died of it already. And one of my blood tests recognized that I was near comatose from low blood sugar. This is the opposite of Diabetes Type II, and yet closely related on its own.

And so, I walk 5 days/week for my health. I work out at the gym 2-3 days/week to decrease my fatigue and increase my stamina. And I’m very aware of which foods I put in my mouth… which are goitrous foods I can’t have and which ones I’m willing to eat in small amounts anyway because they help to reduce the risk of cancer… which ones are better for me to eat because I’ve got low blood sugar and so forth… to me, being and feeling healthy means to include: mind, body and spirit. And so, I believe in Integrative practices and combining both Eastern, Western, and the best of all worlds in order to achieve this. It is my firm belief that although we may not be able to predict whether or not we inheret a disease, we can do the best we can with the choices we have before us to reduce our overall chances of disease and illness… if inflicted, to use these methods to treat and care for the overall person, individually.

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